What is ParadigmMedConnect?

Answer: ParadigmMedConnect helps professionals get their resumes in front of top agencies, clinics, and facilities. We are in contact with the right individuals that interview and hire candidates. Agencies/Clinics/Facilities need to find top qualifying professionals to fill open positions. Our sign-up process takes out 75% of the paperwork agencies are needing and information you do not have to fill out again. We make it a win-win situation for all parties. 

Do I have to fill out all information?

Answer: Highly Recommended. Agencies need as much information about you for the hiring process. The less information that you provide, the less likely the profile will be reviewed.

Am I guaranteed a contract/job?

Answer: No. We do not guarantee that you will get the contract/job. We get you in front of top agencies in hopes that your profile is looked over and contact is made. The more information you give the better chance you have agencies contacting you and possibly getting the contract/job.

If hired, do I have a contract with ParadigmMedConnect?

Answer: No. our objective is to get you in front of agencies and help you get your next contract/job. Interviews, contracts, and hiring processes are between you and the agency/clinic/facility. 

Do I have to pay to create a profile?

Answer: No. Candidates do not have to pay to create a profile. It’s free! 

Third-Party Content

Answer: ParadigmMedConnect takes your information and submitted information personally and confidential. We do not sell any information to any third advertising/marketing parties. All forms, emails, submissions, and any other business-related information are kept secure and confidential within the entity of ParadigmMedConnect.

Is my information secured?

Answer: ParadigmMedConnect takes your information and secures it. All information received by an individual is only given to qualified agencies. We do not sell or share your information with marketing or third-party agencies for advertising/marketing. Your information is given to medical agencies/clinics/facilities for the sole purpose of hiring. Your information is kept confidential within ParadigmMedConnect.

Do I have to contact the agencies/clinics/facilities?

Answer: No. We make it easy for you. Agencies/clinics/facilities are notified of new candidates that create their profiles with ParadigmMedConnect. All you do is wait for top agencies to contact you via email/phone and it is up to you to decide. Agencies compete for candidates. That is good news for you… more money!!


Answer: Any contract agreements or hiring agreements is solely between the candidate and the agency. ParadigmMedConnect is not involved with any candidate/agency agreements nor will the candidate/agency hold ParadigmMedConnect responsible for any contract/hiring agreements/disagreements. 

I do not see a question here that I have.

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